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This Privacy and Cookies Policy is effective as of 07/23/2018.


    Online privacy is constantly evolving, and VAULT FINTECH OPERATING, LLC ("Vault") a company that is organized in the United States of America, will take all commercially reasonable efforts to maintain up to date and effective online privacy standards and practices. We have linked every page of our website ("Website") to this page for your convenience. you may also access this Privacy Policy through your Vault-APP and may also contact Vault at with any questions or concerns that you may have.

    Vault is committed to respecting your online privacy and recognizes your need for appropriate protection and management of any personally identifiable information ("Personal Information") that you share with us. Personal Information means any information that may be used to identify an individual, including, but not limited to; (1) a first and last name. (2) a home or other physical address. (3) an email address. (4) other contact information, whether at work or at home. (5) telephone numbers. (6) credit/debit card information. (7) bank account information. (8) website usernames and passwords. Vault collects and uses your Personal Information only for our business purposes which allows us to provide transaction processing services to you or retailers who have contractual agreements with Vault (“Retailers”).

    If you choose to provide Vault with your Personal Information through our Website, or by facsimile, mail, or e-mail, Vault may transfer that Personal Information within Vault and transfer your Personal Information to Vault's third-party service providers, Retailers with whom you have made transactions for the purpose of assisting the Retailer in resolving disputes, and from your country or jurisdiction to other countries or jurisdictions around the world if the need arises

    Vault strives to comply with all applicable laws around the globe that are designed to protect your privacy. Although legal requirements may vary from country to country, Vault will adhere to the principles set forth in this Privacy Policy even if, in connection with the above, we transfer your Personal Information from the United States to countries that may not require as stringent levels of protection for your Personal Information as are applied by Vault. In other words, Vault's goal is to provide protection for your Personal Information no matter where that Personal Information is collected, transferred, or retained.

    Vault may also collect government-issued identification numbers and other proofs of identity and domicile ("ID Information") to comply with existing Know your Customer government regulations.

    Some of the new material in our Policy relates to newly implemented General Data Protection Regulations (“GDPR”) in the European Union regarding the safety of, use of, security of, processing of, and other specific rights regarding your Personal Information

    Vault complies with the California Online Privacy Protection Act (“CalOPPA”) as amended in 2013 and the additional privacy requirements of California AB-370.

    This Privacy Policy explains how Vault treats your Personal Information.


    Vault is committed to safeguarding the privacy of your Personal Information:

    1. We will only collect and use your Personal Information where we have lawful grounds and legitimate business reasons to do so;
    2. We will be transparent in our dealings with you and will tell you about how we collect and use your Personal Information;
    3. If we have collected your Personal Information for a particular purpose, we will not use it for any other purpose unless you have been informed and, when relevant, your permission has been obtained;
    4. We will not ask for more Personal Information than we need for the purposes for which we are collecting it;
    5. We will update our records when you inform us that your details have changed;
    6. We will continue to review and assess the quality of your Personal Information;
    7. We will implement and adhere to information retention policies relating to your Personal Information, including GDPR, and will ensure that your Personal Information is securely disposed of at the end of the appropriate retention period;
    8. We will observe the rights granted to you under applicable privacy and data protection laws, including the GDPR, and will ensure that we promptly and transparently deal with queries relating to privacy issues;

    A.Client Account

    A Business Account or a Retailer Account was opened by a Client, or a Client may have been provided a Client Account in some other manner. The Retailer Account allows a Retailer to download and activate Vault onto their personal or tablet computer and then allows the Retailer to conduct Purchase Transactions with Customers or make funds transfers to a Businesses that is associated with Vault. The Business Account allows a Business to download and activate Vault onto their personal or tablet computer and then allows the Business to make certain transactions with other Businesses or Retailers that are associated with Vault. A Client may access their Client Account using a unique User ID and password that the Client was asked to set up at the time the Client was provided for a Client Account.

    B. The Vault System Payment Processing Service

    Subject to the conditions and limitations in the Client Agreement and in these Terms, Vault’s Payment Processing Service can be used to affect secure, online Transactions at Businesses or Retailers who have an agreement with Vault.

    Vault neither accepts nor assumes any liability to ensure that goods or services that Retailer, customers or other Businesses or Retailers purchase through a Purchase Transaction using Retailer Payment Mechanism will meet customers satisfaction or Retailer satisfaction. Except as described in Section XVII – “Dispute Resolution” Vault will take no action to resolve Disputes between: (1) a Customer and a Retailer; (2) a Retailer and another Retailer; (3) a Business and another Business; or (4) a Business and a Retailer.


    Vault does not request, or knowingly collect Personal Information or ID Numbers from children under the age of eighteen (18) years. Vault takes specific steps to protect the privacy of children by making reasonable efforts to ensure that a child's parent or legal guardian has authorized the collection and/or distribution to Third Parties of a child's Personal Information. Additionally, to ensure that children's privacy is respected on Vault's Website, Vault requires age verification on every inquiry. Furthermore, Vault does not give children the ability to post messages or otherwise distribute information about themselves on Vault's Website.


    Vault will make all commercially reasonable efforts to maintain up-to-date and effective privacy standards and policies. Whenever Vault makes changes to these standards or this Privacy Policy we will post a notice of this change at For the time you have an account with Vault, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy and changes that may be made to these standards or Privacy Policy.


    This Privacy Policy is effective immediately. Privacy Policy changes are effective as soon as they are posted on our website.


    Vault is committed to the privacy of all customers' Private Information and ID Numbers and are actively involved in and support current industry initiatives to preserve individual privacy rights on the Internet. Protecting your privacy online is an evolving area, and Vault's Website is constantly evolving to meet these demands

    If you have any comments or questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact While Vault cannot guarantee privacy perfection, we will address any issue to the best of our abilities as soon as possible.


    “Cookie” means a small piece of text data stored on the storage drive of a visitor to a website, containing information about the visitor that can only be read by the server that placed the information onto the visitor's storage drive. Vault employs Cookie technology.

    Cookies can be "Persistent", "Session" Cookies or “Essential Cookies”.

    Persistent Cookies, also called a Permanent Cookie, or a Stored Cookie, is a Cookie that is stored on your hard drive until it expires (persistent cookies are set with expiration dates, but that date may be far in the future) or until you delete the Cookie.

    Session Cookies are also called a Transient Cookie, and is a Cookie that is erased when you close your Web browser. A Session Cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after your browser is closed. Session Cookies do not collect information from your computer.

    Essential Cookies are Persistent or Session Cookies that we may use to authenticate you and prevent fraudulent use of your account(s).

    To avoid any future Persistent Cookies being placed onto your hard drive from Vault's Website, You may also "Opt Out." In order for you to receive the Opt Out Cookie(s) you will need to have JavaScript and Cookies enabled in Your browser. By receiving this Cookie, Vault's systems will know that you have opted out and will not attempt to assign other Cookies in the future. Since the Opt Out Cookie does not contain a unique User ID number, it does not allow us to identify your computer individually. Please note again that some of Vault's websites require an authorization and use of Cookies is not optional (for example, a shopping cart). Users opting out of future Cookies will probably not be able to access those websites.