The Vault App


Why Use The Vault App? (Customer)

our secured database and only provide your credit and/or debit card information to our bank to process your transaction.  We do not share any of this information with the vendor you are purchasing from.

Why Use The Vault App For Your Business? (Retailer)

Information, and they will receive their funds within five business days via bank transfer.

FAQ Overview

How does The Vault App Work?

Simply download The Vault App from your App Store or Google Play account.  Once downloaded, register using your phone number and insert a credit card payment method.  You are able to add additional cards for added convenience.  Once added, you will have the ability to pay for products or services anywhere The Vault App is accepted.

Can I be charged without authorizing a payment?  

No.  Together, The Vault App Business account and the Vault App Consumer must process the transaction within a five-minute time frame in order for the transaction to be successfully approved.  The Vault App Business Account will request payment from The Vault App Consumer using The Vault App which will automatically send the request to the Consumer asking for Approval.  The Consumer will have five minutes to approve the transaction, if the transaction is not approved within five minutes, the transaction will be completely deleted from The Vault App system.

Service fees:

You will be charged a Service Fee of US $1.00 or 4.2% of the transaction amount, whichever is larger.  The entire transaction amount will be used in calculating the Service Fee.

Is there a minimum per transaction?

Yes, the minimum transaction amount is $5.00, exclusive of gratuity.  

Can I use a Prepaid Card, PayPal, or ACH account? 

The Vault App accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB.  Check cards or debit cards with either a Visa or MasterCard logo are also supported. Prepaid cards, PayPal and ACH are not yet accepted at this time.

I am having difficulties logging into The Vault App account on my mobile phone

If you are unable to sign into your account using the app, you may be entering in the wrong phone number or The Vault App login code.  you will need to contact customer service for further help.


        Am I able to login to my account on The Vault App website?

        Customer Accounts may only login to their accounts via the Mobile App.  The Vault App Business Accounts

        are able to login to their account using The Vault App Website.

        Can I access my The Vault App Business Account via the mobile App?

        Business Accounts are only able to access their accounts via The Vault App website.

        If I am a Vault App Business Account, am I able to create a separate login for my


        Yes, as the Business Account Owner, you are able to create Sub Accounts for your employees and sales

representatives and give them either Admin or Sub-Account privileges. Admin Privileges will enable the user to do a variety of business activities, such as view all of the sales and reports for the account, create new sub-accounts, as well as “Ask for Money” from The Vault App Consumer. Sub Accounts will only be able to “Ask for Money” from The Vault App Consumer, as well as view their own transactions and gratuities.  Both the Admin and Sub Accounts will have a unique login.

Keeping your account secure

The Vault App never shares your payment details with any company other than our banking partners, which is necessary to successfully process each transaction.  

How does The Vault App referral code work? 

Referring a friend to The Vault App is done in one easy step - Press the “Refer a Friend” tab on the app, where you will be instructed to enter their phone number.  Once the referral has been sent, the recipient will receive a text message with instructions on how to download The Vault App.  Once the person signs up and spends a minimum of $30 through The Vault App, a $5 credit will be added to your account.  

How to promote your business with The Vault App

Display The Vault App logo sticker prominently in your store front so that customers are aware that they can use The Vault App for their purchases.  

Unauthorized activity

If you notice unusual activity on your account, please contact The Vault App Customer Service immediately.  The Vault App will investigate this issue and commit to resolving your issues in a timely manner.

Email: Phone:  800-244-9613

Buyer protection

The Vault App ensures that all transactions are accurate.  For full details relating to ‘Buyer Protection’, please refer to our “User Agreement

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